Thursday, April 28, 2016

What's been going on at the Museum Part Four...

This blog is about the changes that have taken place at the Museum over the winter.

There is a new peep hole display for children (and adults) to enjoy in Images of Witchcraft and Magic - a gingerbread and sweet house inspired by the Hansel and Gretel story.

This is the original text card that went with the object as written by Cecil Williamson (the founder of the Museum).

If you look carefully in this old picture of the Museum, you can see the cauldron and painting to the right of the photo.

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frocker151 said...

I remember this exhibit and it's description being the over-riding memory of my first visit in the late 90's - there was something about the tone and manner of how Williamson described what had allegedly happened that seemed very uncanny! Missed so many posts recently, you've been so busy, everything is looking amazing for the new season - can't wait to get back!