Monday, April 11, 2016

New visitor comments and tripadvisor comments

We've had some lovely comments from visitors recently (including this one from a member of the local Pagan Federation):
“The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic has had a winter refit and is now even more of a resource for magical learning in our District. I get inspired at every visit as there is always something new. They are offering more and more opportunities for pagans and others to look, listen and learn in many ways. I am so proud that we have such a valuable resource in our District.”

Every so often we replace our tripadvisor and visitor comments signs on the outside of the Museum to inform visitors about what we're about and also to try and encourage them to step inside.  Here are the latest batch.  Thanks so much to everyone who writes nice things about us!

Photo above: you can see the visitor comment board is a prominent feature on the outside of the Museum, the tripadvisor comments are displayed in the window.  

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