Saturday, April 23, 2016

New season, new shop stock

The Museum is open for the season again (hooray!)  We've had a very busy Easter period and shop sales have been particularly strong (hooray again!)  Joyce has been working hard to get all the new shop stock items entered onto our online shop.  So if you can't make it to the Museum for a while, you can buy some of our newest shop items via our website:

First of all, books.  We have a large selection of books and they sold really well this year.  We've introduced some new titles for this year here are some of the new titles.

Crowley a Beginner's Guide.  This seemed like an obvious choice as the Museum contains a display on Crowley and visitors are often very interested in him.

We have also stocked a book by the Chairperson of the Friends of the Museum of Witchcraft organisation, Julian Vayne, which is selling well.  It is a collection of essays.

The British Book of Spells and Charms by former Museum Director Graham King continues to prove popular and is also new for this year.

We have introduced some new posters such as the photos taken in February of collections of objects from the Museum collection.  These are now available from our online shop for £4.50 each.

The painting above was framed over winter and is now on display in the top gallery.  We have also made it available as a poster.  Cecil Williamson, the founder of the Museum said of this intriguing painting: 
'If you go down into the woods tonight you will be in for a big surprise. Naked, alone, high up in a tree deep in the heart of a wood at dark of night is quite something. For a start you have left mankind and its brash world behind. Now you are a stranger in the world of nature, the green growing world, where fear is the trigger that releases the spirit force. Like a snail without its shell you are at the mercy of the smallest gnat and then it happens. The spirit cloak of protection descends and enfolds one and you can feel the warmth and well being of the other world. Then it is that you become aware that there are indeed other places and other things. Some describe it as feeling the finger of god upon them, peace, perfect peace. The spirit eyes keep watch over you, you are utterly safe.'

Below are two more posters which are based on paintings in the Museum's collection.

Other new items include wonderful Ram's Skull boxes made by local artist Paul Atlas-Saunders (inspired by the ram's skull in the collection from a witch's shrine on Bodmin Moor).

We have some new cards and prints.  This image appeared in last year's Jos Smith exhibition and can now be purchased as an art card.  A reproduction of this wonderful image can be seen in the new Goddess display.

Another Jos Smith image can now be bought as a card or high quality art print.  It is the Witches in eggshells painting which Jos donated to the Museum and is now part of our Sea Witchcraft display.

The image below is available as an art card or print and was inspired by the Mother Shipton poppet in the Protection display (which was found in a chimney).

Our charm bracelets always sell well and we have two new designs for this year.  One is a Cornish lucky charm bracelet (complete with piskey) and the other is called the Charms of Egypt.  We also have a new jewellery featuring ouija board and fortune telling motifs.

There is lots more and more to come (we have a tea towel, a new bag and a new T-shirt on its way soon!)  We will keep you posted!

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