Sunday, February 28, 2010

Work Begins on Christian Magic

As well as moving our fabulous hare around Graham has started work on the Christian Magic display. It will be located next to the Herbs & Healing section within the gothic arch & should be rather interesting!! Here's Graham showing off some of his handiwork.

Hare Today.............

Our lovely hare is moving to a new space in the museum............she will be sitting in the space vacated by the automaton by the stone circle. Graham has been doing a lot of work on the surrounds including moon lighting, mirrors, & plinth. She looks amazing & it's a logical place for a hare to be, by the circle in moonlight. Lovely!

Farewell Automaton

You may remember the lovely
automaton which sat in the area around the stone circle in the museum. Well last weekend we reluctantly returned it to the maker Alan Manktelow over in Eastbourne. As part of our annual revitalisation of the museum, we realised we needed more space in this area, so unfortunately it had to go back. It was refurbished by Alan after the flood as it had been flung around quite a bit & was under water for a time. Alan is looking for a new home for the automaton so if anyone has any ideas please contact the museum & we'll put Alan in touch with you. Fare thee well!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Too Much Wind

Just before the end of last year we had a rather full-on wind storm in Boscastle and our fabulous sign 'Selling The Wind' painted by the lovely Vivienne Shanley was blown down and damaged. Graham has had the painting repaired and it will be reframed by Andy of The Old Forge Gallery up the road. It should be reinstated to its usual place above the window of the museum before we reopen at Easter.
This image is available as a greeting card from the museum shop but we have now discontinued the other cards painted by Vivienne. They will be replaced by a new range of cards based on the Richel Eldermans collection, reproduction Good Luck cards and other images from the museum. We did have a small selection last year but should have a larger range for 2010.

Work Begins so Volunteers Prepare for Action

Lots happening at the museum at the moment in readiness for the 2010 season.Graham has started work on installing the new Phillips lighting system which was donated by Friends Thanks to Phillips for supplying a large number of sample bulbs when Graham was researching the project. They should save money in the long run, be more ecologically friendly, and give a better light to the objects. To those volunteers who registered an interest in helping with the installation project, could you please either phone or email Graham at the museum to organise a time to come in and help out - that would be much appreciated.

As well as the lighting there are many other areas where volunteers can help, from cleaning displays to touching up paintwork so please get in touch & we'll slot you in. We are very grateful to all those who help out each year.

Another project happening at the moment is the replacement of some of the glass panels in the front window with panel board so that we can affix browsers for the Richel Eldermans prints. The prints are selling really well online and with the launch of 'The Occult Reliquary' shortly we expect demand to rise. Retail space is limited in the entrance area so we're trying to be creative and utilise the available area to its full capacity. Here is Graham working on the window.
And, exciting news, it looks like Simon Costin, internationally renowned designer and curator of the new Museum of British Folklore, has agreed to design our 2010 front window display. More on that later.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Work Begins Again

Hannah has done a great job holding the fort over the past couple of months but now it's back to work for Graham as he gets busy in the museum, readying it for opening at Easter. The biggest project is the new lighting which the Friends of the Museum have been so much a part of funding. Graham will shortly be calling on the volunteers who offered assistance at the Friends' December Get Together for practical help in the installation.
The Occult Art Company which sells museum items was extremely busy over xmas with a particular run on the new witch weather vanes, glass knitting needles and the Richel-Eldermans' prints. We are replenishing the prints as we speak so if you've been watching the website our stock levels should be back to normal by mid next week.
The book 'The Occult Reliquary' which relates to the Richel-Eldermans collection is due for publication end March/Early April and pre-orders are coming in quickly. If you would like information on the book or to reserve a copy please email Kerriann at . Three Hands Press are the publishers of three limited edition versions so we know the quality will be excellent and will become a real collectors' item in the future.
Our historian Joyce Froome's book 'Wicked Enchantments' is getting closer to publication as well. She has been doing talks around Cornwall and London based on the book and has an article in this month's Pagan Dawn. Speaking of Pagan Dawn there is a very good review of the museum's new Ouija Board in there. Graham designed the board based on the Richel - Eldermans images and it's been very popular so far.
That's all for now. More soon.

Hamish Miller

It was with great sadness that we learnt of the passing to spirit of Hamish Miller in January this year. Hamish has been a great friend to Graham & the museum over the years. He was well known through his books on sacred landscapes and dowsing and made the dowsing rods which we sell in the museum. He was also well known for being a thoroughly lovely chap. We send our sympathies Ba & his family & friends. Merry Meet & Merry Part & Merry Meet Again