Saturday, October 30, 2010

Friends weekend Rooms

Two double rooms have become availble at The Welly for the Friends weekend. PLease phone 01840 250202 to book at £25.00 per person B & B.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Website

Very exciting stuff - our new website has gone live today! You are now able to search documents, read the guidebook, and go straight to The Occult Art Company to make some museum related purchases. More later but go and check it out and tell us what you think -

Sunday, October 17, 2010

latest news

Apologies for minimal blogging recently - have been having trouble getting into the programme from my computer so have only been able to do snippets from my computer. A fair bit of action has been happening in the last few weeks - we've had artist Mat Chivers down working on drawings for an upcoming exhibition he's having in January at the Maddox Gallery in Mayfair in January 2011. He's chosen some interesting pieces - a dark mirror, scrying ball, and Golden Dawn staff so far. I've popped in a photo of Mat working in the library. His work has been largely sculptural until recently. You can see some of his art at his website .

I've been off at a couple of stalls recently - firstly the witchmarket in Glastonbury (organised by Adrian Bryn-Evans) which went very well and may become an annual event. Here's a pic of the stall showing rather creased tablecloth and our membership secretary who also sells her own amber & jet necklaces and homemade soaps. I also had a preview of Adele Clough's new B & B 'The Covenstead' which promises to be a fabulous witchy venue to stay in when visiting Glastonbury. Yesterday I went along to the Cornwall antiquarian Society meeting in Helston which was a little quieter but they had some excellent speakers including Jason Semmens and Paul Broadhurst. Our next appearance will be at London's Witchfest where four of the Trustees of friends will be there with the Museum and Occult Art Company stall to sell Museum items and answer people's questions.
Joyce and I will be up at the Moot With No Name (organised by Geraldine Beskin of Atlantis Books) on November 24th where Joyce will speak on her new book 'Wicked Enchantments' about the Pendle Witch Trials and I will be her beautiful assistant (cough).
Work on the anniversary book is coming along nicely after a weird hiccup within the Indesign programme we are using - kept crashing for some reason - maybe it doesn't like witches - but Graham seems to have sorted it out with help from the Adobe team and it's full steam ahead from here on in. I have a couple of printers in mind but I may be on the lookout for a good copy editor who would be willing to volunteer to check the book before it finally goes to production. More news soon as I seem to have fixed my blogger problem.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Post cards response

A big thank you goes to Robert Tims who has responded to our request for the Horned postcard - it will now be able to appear in next year's anniversary book

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Request for post card

We would like to use an image from one of the old post cards in our book next year and we don't have a good enough example. Does anyone have a copy of this post card or a high res scan to send us? We will return it if you send the original. Thanks