Monday, August 29, 2005

Herb of the Week - 5

Sea Wormwood Flowers
"Hysteric complaints have been completely cured by the constant use of this tincture. In the scurvey and in the hypochondriacal disorders of studious sedentary men, few things have a greater effect." Culpepper Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 28, 2005

August Bank Holiday

Happy Bank Holiday weekend to you all. It's been really busy here over the last couple of weeks so business is really picking up.

The Beltane Alternative Border Morris side were dancing outside the museum and around the harbour today which has kept the crowds entertained. We were very impressed by their tight "sticking" technique. Crisp clacking is always a must when it comes to Morris Dancing!

I've been asked to put a bit on the blog about car parking & general Boscastle "need to know" stuff for those thinking of visiting. The car park is fully open and the National Trust are allowing the council to use an extra bit at the end when it's busy, so you could say the car park is slightly larger than it was pre flood. There is also a park & ride scheme running on busy days which is located up on the Tintagel Road. I think it's around 50 pence for the ride so it's cheaper than the main car park.

All the B & Bs and hotels are fully reopened except for the Youth Hostel which will be reopened next year after extensive rebuilding work. The Riverside Hotel is now fully opened including the restaurant. The Spinning Wheel is extremely busy during the day as is the Bakery. There are only 2 buildings left to be rebuilt; The Harbour Lights, and Things. Clovelly Clothing rebuilt & opened on the anniversary of the flood August 16 2005.

The Wreck Shield, which was awarded to the Boscastle, Bude, and Port Isaac Coast Guard Teams, is proudly sitting in the window of the museum attracting almost as many positive comments as Graham's Landrover.

Beltane Border Morris Side

Beltane Border Morris entertaining the crowds outside the museum today Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Llewellyn-Bowen excites Boscastle holiday makers

Lawrence LLewellyn-Bowen is doing a new television show. The episode he is shooting today shows holiday attractions in North Cornwall. Here he is with Graham outside the Museum. He kindly stopped to pose for many photographs with the children visiting the village. Posted by Picasa

Herb of the Week - 4

Bittersweet (Woody Nightshade)
"The juice is good for those that have fallen from high places.....for it is thought to dissolve blood congealed or cluttered anywhere in the entrails." Gerard Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 19, 2005

The Boscastle Coastguard Team

The Boscastle team with the Wreck Shield Posted by Picasa

The Day Passes

Well the day has passed. The one year anniversary of the Boscastle Flood is over and we can once more move forward. Media presence was pretty high on the day with Graham featuring on both the local ITV & BBC news programmes and some of the Nationals. Local papers dedicated several pages to a Boscastle special report. I'll try to get more photos of some of the more interesting stories and post them in the next day or two.

On Tuesday night Graham was presented with the Coastguard award for his prompt actions during the flood which saved many lives! The Boscastle, Bude, & Port Isaac teams were all awarded the Wreck Shield for their services during the flood. Congratulations to you all, it is well deserved!! The Awards were presented by John Astbury, the UK's Chief Coastguard and a very pleasant chap.

Business has certainly picked up over the last few days with all this media attention. Boscastle is buzzing with some lovely people with very positive messages. Many find it hard to believe just how much has been done so far with the refurbishment of the village.


Graham receiving his personal award from John Astbury, Chief Coastguard. Posted by Picasa

On the Other Side of the Camera

David Flower is usually photographing Graham for one of the North Cornwall newspapers so I thought I'd take one of him for a change Posted by Picasa

One of Graham's many interviews on August 16

Graham is interviewed by Associated Press reporter Sam Mendes Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 15, 2005

Glamorous Graham

Cover of the Bricks and Mortar section of The Times last Friday Posted by Picasa

Sally to Mary Ellen

Story in the Telegraph about Sally the Landrover and her replacement Mary Ellen Posted by Picasa


Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the Boscastle flood! Much media attention is being paid to the village and the museum at the moment. Most newspapers have done a story to mark the anniversary and a couple have picked up the story of Graham being given an old Landrover to replace the one that was washed away last year. I have included a couple of photos from The Times last Friday and The Telegraph last Saturday. There will be much television coverage tomorrow as well.

Graham will also be receiving his commendation medal from the Coastguards tomorrow evening. I'll try to publish a photo here after the event for your enjoyment. Graham in uniform twice in one month - unheard of!!
More soon.

Herb of the Week - 3

Meadowsweet - "the flowers boiled in wine and drunke do take away the fits of a quartaine ague and make the heart merrie" Gerard Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Special Guest

We had a special treat this weekend when Hannah, who runs the admin for the museum, popped in with her son Ewan. I couldn't resist putting this cute photo on the website. Posted by Picasa

Graham & George

We were very touched this week when 5 year old George Robert Shaw from Peterborough turned up with a donation for the North Cornwall Flood Appeal. George has been doing odd jobs to raise money for victims of the flood. He had seen Graham on the television and wanted to personally give him the £11.84 he had raised. Boscastle says a huge thank you to George for all his hard work!!Posted by Picasa

Herb of the Week 2 - Centaury

"This herb hath a marvellous virtue, for if it be joined with the blood of a lapwing, or a black plover and put with oile in a lamp, all that compass about it shall believe themselves to be witches" Le Petit Albert 1619 (English Translation) Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

EBay announcement

Just a quick announcement for anyone with a keen interest in Alex Sanders:
A few years ago the museum acquired a number of items belonging to the late Sanders and recently we have had some help from Dave Evans in collating the papers and documents. We found that some of the material had one or two extra copies. The museum is, of course, keeping a copy and the decision has been made to sell the duplicates. NB these are not photocopies made by the museum, they all came with the original box of items acquired.

Dave Evans is selling the duplicates on eBay on behalf of the museum over the next few weeks to assist in fundraising. If you are interested, do a search on "Alex Sanders" and you should easily find them. This is a genuine sale of rare documents. We would like to thank Dave for his help and commitment in sorting out the vast array of Sanders' material.