Friday, May 29, 2009

Wackiest Museums

We've just been alerted to a blog of the World's 10 Wackiest Museums - follow the link to see what else is on there. Museum of Witchcraft number 7

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Recent Donations

Just thought I'd mention a few of the recent donations we've had.

A bangle from Robert Eagle in the USA is useful for us to demonstrate that Gardnerian wicca spread to the US. It is museum object number 2031.

An intriguing one is the Victorian face screen (museum object number 2032)
It is an"unusual petitpoint sheild shape face screen
with devil design worked by hand in silk & wool. It would originally have been attached to a brass rod or stand to protect ladies from the glow of the fire."

We think this might be European - can anybody confirm this?

Anonymous Donation

We would like to pass on A Big Thank You to the person who anonymously left an envelope containing a large donation over the bank holiday. This will go towards our roof fund.

Please let us know who you are so we can thank you properly.

Easter pics

I've finally located a few of the photos taken over Easter - they seemed to have disappeared into my computer's ether. Hunters Moon Morris had a fab time dancing outside the museum & singing in The Wellington, Jerry Bird had a book signing for his new book 'Landscape of Memory' & Freya the dog generally had a lovely time being petted by all & sundry. I am hoping to find the pics I took of Jerry & James Findlay playing in The Welly for you - they too seem to have disappeared.

PF Wessex

Adrian Bryn-Evans has recently us a cheque for £17.80 which was money raised from the PF Wessex conference on April 18th. Thank you so much for your ongoing fundraising efforts.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Anonymous Donation

On Sunday 12 April a man left an envelope in the museum marked 'Donation to Museum'. He was thanked and he went on his way.
When the envelope was later opened by Graham he was shocked to find that it contained £3000 in twenty pound notes!
Whilst we know that we did recognise the donor as a regular visitor it was a busy day and we can't remember his name. If you are that man please contact us so that we can thank you properly. Likewise if you know who made this amazingly generous donation please pass on his details to us.
The money will go towards paying for the new roof which has just cost us £ 60,000!

Thank you very much, kind, anonymous, man!