Thursday, May 27, 2010

Countdown to Wicked Enchantments Cornwall Launch

Joyce is getting very excited about her Museum book launch on Saturday night - remember she'll be signing books throughout the day & giving a talk at the museum at 630pm followed by an informal gathering & witchy menu Saturday night at The Welly Hotel in the upper gallery.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Generous donor gives books to Library

Attached is a photo of the books donated to us by 'a generous donor from the west coast of the U.S.' Thank you for your generous donation!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Altar Box For Sale

We have been asked to notify people of the sale of a beautiful 'portable' altar that is for sale. The measurements are:
Wide 37 inches (94 cm) x high 19 inches (48 cm) x deep 19 inches (48 cm)
I have attached two photos of the altar. One is closed and the other is open and shows all the storage space
that was used for everything needed at an open ritual. There is a photo of it being used in the museum. The altar has been in constant use by the House of the Old Ways since it was first purchased in the 1980s.
The guide price is £150 but the owners are open to offers as they are interested in it going to a good home.
It is no light weight and the buyer would have to collect it form the Glastonbury area. Please email for details if you are interested.

Sian Thomas' Poem as Promised

Spirit Bottle

Here is a body,

a container

of the correct proportions,

a little long perhaps,

a little thin.

Here are sinews,

muscles, bones,

coils and strings

of red and white;

hard, turned sticks

and ivory dowels;

the threads of veins.

Here is a centre,

a lump of a heart

to jig, to flex,

for the rhythm

in the dancing.

Here are lungs,

to squeeze,

to wheeze,

airbags, a throat

for the singing.

Here everything moves,

quivers, pulses,

trills, resounds.

Here’s a home for a spirit,

fill it, fill it.

Sunday, May 02, 2010


A most unpleasant experience greeted Hannah & Graham as they opened the museum on Friday - someone had placed a rather 'well-thumbed' (so to speak) pornographic magazine through the letter box. Graham will be going through the CCTV footage to see if he can discover the culprit & he is considering reinstating the web cam. The police have been informed as we do with any untoward activity like this and they have been very supportive and are keeping an eye out on their patrols. It occurred between 8 and 9 am Friday morning. There are some very strange people out there!

Cauldron Magazine

The latest edition of Mike Howard's fabulous Cauldron magazine has an article on Cecil Williamson & The Museum of Witchcraft written by our very own Graham King. There is also a glowing review of The Occult Reliquary which is the book published by Three Hands Press relating to The Richel-Eldermans Collection.  The Cauldron is always a fascinating read & this edition is even more so - or is it that I'm biased.

Joyce's Lancaster Book Launch

April 17 was a busy day for all at the museum as we had Scarlett Imprint's launch of Dartura in the museum itself & Joyce Froome, our historian, had her very own book launch up in Pendle. Joyce's book 'Wicked Enchantments' focuses on The Pendle Witches and the magic used in their era.
Here is a photo of Joyce with Jacqui Leviston. Jacqui was one of the people behind the Lancashire Witch Project,which organised a touring exhibition about the Pendle Witches.When the exhibition was over they kindly donated some of their displays to The Museum of Witchcraft.They also arranged for a plaque commemorating the witches to be put up in Lancaster's Golden Lion Hotel.
We're planning a book launch for Joyce in the museum - probably 29th May. We'll let you know when the date is finalised. 'Wicked Enchantments' will shortly be available form the museum or online at The Occult Art Company.

Poet in Residence

For the last week we've the lovely Sian Thomas as 'poet in residence' for the Museum of Witchcraft. Sian, who has also been poet in residence at Tunbridge Wells Museum, hails from East Sussex and has quite a body of work behind her. She has been published in Agenda and The Telegraph & won the Chapter One competition last year. She chose our museum because "it's so amazing and is such an inspiration". She has been sitting up near the goddess display chatting with gusts and getting inspiration for future poems. You can read more about Sian & some of her work on her blog . When asked what display inspired her most she found it hard to pin down but said she felt most moved by a small bird wrapped lovingly in a blanket which was found in the beams above someone's bed. I'm hoping to post one of Sian's poems here in the near future.