Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Beltane Bash

Hi to everyone we met at the London 'Beltane Bash' last weekend. We had a great time and met some fab people who are strong supporters of the museum. One group is even hiring a coach to make a trip down here. It's a great idea as public transport is quite sporadic in these parts.

Our best sellers at the Bash were the ever popular museum t shirts and the new CD 'Songs of Witchcraft & Magic.' I shared the stand with Steve Patterson, our favorite woodcarver who had a fab selection of dark mirrors and athames. We hope to be there again next year.

Have a Listen to Radio Shropshire

We've been getting a lot of radio play for the new CD 'Songs of Witchcraft & magic'.The latest is Genevieve Tudor's show on Radio Shropshire. Here's a link so you can keep an eye on her programme: Radio Shropshire - Genevieve Tudor

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Thanks Johnny

Thanks to Johnny Coppin who gave 'Songs of Witchcraft & Magic' and the museum a great plug on his excellent Folk Roots program on Radio Glousteshire. We are really happy with the response it's getting so far. We've sent copies to Australia, Canada, The USA and Hong Kong so far which is rather fab.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Review from 'Meyn Mavro' magazine

Another review of the 'Songs of Witchcraft & Magic' CD by Meyn Mavro magazine - "a beautifully produced CD with 15 songs....all of which have elements of strange witchcraft and magic in them...... highly recommended, both for its songs and its detailed sleeve notes." Thanks guys.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Latest News on 'Songs of Witchcraft & Magic'

For those interested in the progress of the CD, it is selling really well since its launch on May 1st.
We know it has been played on:
Radio Scotland
Radio Wales
Radio Derby
Radio Glastonbury
We have also been reliably informed that Mike Harding of BBC's Folk on 2 will be playing a track from the album in the near future.
If you've heard the CD played on any other station, please let us know.

Pete Jennings has given the CD a glowing review in Pentacle Magazine “I have long lectured on the delights of references to magic and witchcraft within British folksong, so this album comes as a treat” ... “Not since the issue of ‘Frost and Fire’ by the Watersons on vinyl has there been such a collection…..” “ The quality of the recordings are excellent, as is the packaging and accompanying booklet of lyrics and notes.”

Mike Howard, of ‘The Cauldron’ said "A fantastic collection of magical and witchy British folk songs...Very highly recommended."

The Hedge Wytch Magazine said “:….great presentation packaging….the songs and ballads are all traditional and are simply and beautifully sung…” “It is a very professional product ….A worthy addition to any witch’s music collection.”

We know that White Dragon have also reviewed the album – we would love it if someone could send us a copy of the review?

A further 30 or so magazines have promised to review the CD – lets hope they are all as good as those received so far!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

T Shirts online

Just to let you know the Museum of Witchcraft t shirts are now available on The Occult Art Company website in an array of sizes including XXL in the ladies v neck.
We will also be at The Beltane Bash on May 27 & 28. I will be sharing a stand with Steve Patterson, woodcarver. Steve is responsible for the carvings on display outside the museum and bull roarers and dark mirrors on sale in the shop. Hopefully we will see some of you there. We will be taking along the new CDs so you can buy one there as well as online or at the museum.

Far From the Sodding Crowd

I sit here in our rather customer free shop with the rain pouring down outside, having just read a fabulous piece on the museum in the rather wonderful new book 'Far From The Sodding Crowd'. It's the latest outing from Robin Halstead, Jason Hazely, Alex Morris & Joel Morris who were responsible for 'Bollocks To Alton Towers' which was on The Sunday Times Top Ten list in 2006. This is their follow up with more amazing & unique places to visit in Britain. As well as featuring the museum it looks at The Shell Grotto in Margate (definitely worth a visit), the Bakelite Museum in Somerset, and The BubbleCar Museum in Cranwell. An extremely varied array of outings indeed. So if anyone is into spending time visiting interesting & unusual places this is the book for you. We met a couple of the authors when they came down last year & what pleasant chaps they were too-obviously very enthusiastic about their subject & rather keen on a pint (which always goes down well in Boscastle). So keep an eye out for the book. Always good to see the museum portrayed positively - hopefully it will improve visitor numbers too.