Sunday, May 13, 2007

Far From the Sodding Crowd

I sit here in our rather customer free shop with the rain pouring down outside, having just read a fabulous piece on the museum in the rather wonderful new book 'Far From The Sodding Crowd'. It's the latest outing from Robin Halstead, Jason Hazely, Alex Morris & Joel Morris who were responsible for 'Bollocks To Alton Towers' which was on The Sunday Times Top Ten list in 2006. This is their follow up with more amazing & unique places to visit in Britain. As well as featuring the museum it looks at The Shell Grotto in Margate (definitely worth a visit), the Bakelite Museum in Somerset, and The BubbleCar Museum in Cranwell. An extremely varied array of outings indeed. So if anyone is into spending time visiting interesting & unusual places this is the book for you. We met a couple of the authors when they came down last year & what pleasant chaps they were too-obviously very enthusiastic about their subject & rather keen on a pint (which always goes down well in Boscastle). So keep an eye out for the book. Always good to see the museum portrayed positively - hopefully it will improve visitor numbers too.

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