Friday, August 22, 2008

Kamikaze Doggle

Graham had a near miss last week when local potter Tim Little's dog Megan had a kamikaze moment & threw herself in front of Graham's motorbike. Luckily Graham was going very slowly as he was coming in to park but Megan, who is normally on her lead due to her insistence on chasing bikes, thought it was a good idea to attack the front wheel. Megan amazingly only has a gash on her leg & is recovering well. Graham, who fell off, has some minor knee damage. The bike has some minor damage as well. Megan is now trotting around the village looking very cute in her red leg bandage & plastic neck piece. Hopefully she'll think twice before launching herself at a moving vehicle again.

Wild Weather

We've had some rather massive seas over the last few days, particularly on Monday 18th August when we had some huge tides & big winds. One of the boats in the harbour was flipped over & another had its keel damaged. I've added a few photos of the wild watery event. The Coastguards were called out mainly to keep people away from the unpredictable seas. Waves were coming over the outer breakwater & up the slipways. Very atmospheric!

Monday, August 11, 2008

New Books Acquired

Graham has managed a couple of new literary acquisitions recently. Firstly is 'Pretended Inchantments' (sic), an account of a notable witchcraft trial in which Richard Hathaway (1696-1702) was tried for falsely accusing Sarah Moredike of bewitching him. He was found guilty. It includes extensive transcripts of the trial & represents the increasing scepticism about witchcraft that was held by judges at the beginning of the 18th century.
The next is 'Witches Frolic' (1888) by Thomas Ingoldsby which was mainly bought for the illustrations of Ernest M Jessop, copies of which we are hoping to use in the museum. Here are some examples.
We are hoping Friends of the Museum will be able to purchase them from Graham.