Sunday, October 30, 2011

More Rumours

I'm writing this to allay any fears people may have if they are hearing ridiculous stories about the museum. It seems that despite Graham making it perfectly clear (at the recent PF anniversary meeting and other events) about his plans for the future of the museum, some people are still making up silly rumours and spreading them around the Internet and elsewhere.
Please note that the museum is NOT being sold off to the US, and the collection is NOT being split up and sold piecemeal to the highest bidder. The museum collection is IN TRUST and cannot be sold! The building is owned by Graham.
As most sensible people do, Graham is planning for the time when he will retire which is a few years away yet. Rather than risking the museum's future, he is planning ahead so he can ensure a suitable caretaker is found to lead the museum into its next stage of development. This may be at its current site in Boscastle or it may move somewhere else in the UK, this has not yet been decided. 
Understandably our visitors and supporters are concerned about the future of their beloved museum, but no one cares more than Graham and his staff. If anyone has any questions about the plans for the museum's future please email the and ask. Please don't listen to rumours in pubs, moots, online or anywhere else.
Thanks again to everyone for their support and rest assured the museum is in safe hands.

Friday, October 07, 2011

October update

Attended Witchmarket in Glastonbury last weekend which a great event. lots of stalls and good to see so many friendly faces. The Old Oaks campsite was fabulous as ever - highly recommended - and Adele Clough's new shop & B & B (The Covenstead) are gorge.
Off to the PF 40th celebrations in London this weekend so hopefully we'll catch up with some of our friends up there.
The museum closes on the afternoon of Monday Oct 31st so if you're planning a visit come along before then. We will reopen April 1st 2012. It's been a very busy year so it will be good to have a bit of a break. Graham works 7 days a week during the season so it's nice to take a breath & relax for a while.
The Friends AGM is 19th November at The Welly - email invites & agendas have gone out & postal ones should be arriving shortly.

A big thank you to Friendly Dragon for their kind donation to Friends this week. It was great to see them on their latest visit.