Monday, May 30, 2011


We've started a new campaign to ask supporters to write a review of the Museum on Tripadvisor. We have a few 5 star reviews but it would be good if we had more feedback from visitors. Marti Dean has been down here for his birthday weekend and Graham has had him hard at work designing a new poster to request people to leave Tripadvisor feedback. Marti is well placed to get creative and design the poster as he's a teacher of computer graphics. He's using an image of a Green Man sculpture which is in the upper gallery. If you've been to the Museum and enjoyed your experience please leave us a review.

Simon Costin Hits the Big Time

Simon, director of the upcoming Museum of British Folklore,  has been getting some first hand experience at running a museum by helping out with us here in Boscastle. He's here for a few weeks learning about the ins and outs of museum administration, retail, visitor enquiries etc. Here he is writing an article about the museum's 60th anniversary for the Boscastle Parish magazine The Blowhole . I think he enjoys his daily ramblings down by the harbour as well. Here he is with Graham and a high sea in the background.

Patricia Crowther

The lovely Patricia Crowther has sent us a a great photo of herself with The Museum Of Witchcraft ~ A Magical History, our 60th anniversary publication. Pat has kindly written a fun anecdote about Gerald Gardner regarding a ritual sword and his trouser leg. Most amusing. The book has been selling really well. If you haven't yet bought your copy you can purchase one online at or at the Museum itself. It's a limited edition book signed by Graham King the curator. A percentage of profits will be donated to Friends of the Museum of Witchcraft. Many thanks to Ian for taking the photo and sending it down to us.

New guest Book Drawing

We have a gigantic new guestbook which was made for us by Sue Bucklow. At our Guardians of Cornish Magic anniversary weekend we asked visitors to sign it and the lovely Lee Noble drew this amazing pencil sketch for us in a relatively short space of time. This weekend we are being visited by Craig and Spencer who are the boys behind Here is a pic of them signing our book this morning.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thank you Colchester

A big thanks to Colchester Pagan Group who recently donated £75 to the museum. This will be used for conservation of documents and archival material. We really appreciate it!!:))

Guardians of Magic

Just a quick note to say what a great success the Guardians of Cornish Magic was last weekend. Thanks to all the speakers. Will do a fulll round up in a few days as I'mm away from Bosacastle all week. Photos to  come.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A couple of nice reviews

Here's a good review of our CD Songs of Witchcraft & Magic

and a piece about the museum

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Pan addition

thanks to John Hooper who has donated a lovely Pan figure. This came from his garden - a fine piece of garden adornment indeed. He seems to be enjoying his new home in the Museum. Pan - not John:)