Sunday, October 29, 2006

Winter Opening

The Museum will be staying open until Christmas this year. Normally we would close soon after Halloween but as there have been more people around than usual at the end of the season we have decided to stay open. Normal opening hours will apply: 1030AM till 5PM Monday to Saturday and 1130AM to 5PM on Sundays. If we must close occasionally (to have a day or two off) we will advise via this blog. Hope to see you over the winter!

Mavis recovers

A bit of an update for those who know my cat, Mavis. She was rushed to pussy hospital a week ago for an operation to remove a weird lump on her side. The lump was actually a large haematoma & it appears she may have had a bit of a scrap with a large black cat who keeps popping through the catflap uninvited. After a scary couple of days when we thought she may have passed over to kitty afterworld she has now made a wonderful recovery & is bouncing around like a kitten. Here's a piccy of Mavis (sporting operation bald patch) being adored by uncle Graham.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Congratulations to Harbour Lights

Last weekend Harbour Lights (across from the museum) reopened as a teashop. Who can forget those awful images of that lovely old building being swept away by those terrible flood waters? We would like to congratulate Trixie Webber, owner of the shop, on the reopening of her business. Those who enjoyed the items for sale in the previous shop should not be disappointed as the retail business continues to run across the river. All at the museum wish them well & it will be great to be able to nip across for the odd cup of tea.

Friday, October 06, 2006

The Hint is in the Name

Thank you to everyone who has left comments recently. We would like to emphasise that the Museum of Witchcraft is a MUSEUM where artefacts and educational information relating to the folk/witchcraft traditions and practices of the people of this country and abroad, both in the past and as they are practiced today, are on display. It is not a religious institution and does not pretend to be. There are more approriate sites for some of the comments regarding religious topics than this one. We do not believe in censorship so please moderate your comments accordingly, otherwise we will be forced to take action.