Sunday, October 29, 2006

Mavis recovers

A bit of an update for those who know my cat, Mavis. She was rushed to pussy hospital a week ago for an operation to remove a weird lump on her side. The lump was actually a large haematoma & it appears she may have had a bit of a scrap with a large black cat who keeps popping through the catflap uninvited. After a scary couple of days when we thought she may have passed over to kitty afterworld she has now made a wonderful recovery & is bouncing around like a kitten. Here's a piccy of Mavis (sporting operation bald patch) being adored by uncle Graham.


Anonymous said...

Poor Mavis I am sure she will recover fully, my cat suffered the same fate twice! once on the neck and once on the base of her tail,it could be a sign that there is a new cat around and it's a teritorial thing,tell her she has to stand her ground!!
kisses to Mavis..

andrew said...

Best regards to you and Mavis.............Keep well