Saturday, July 30, 2011

Corn Mother at Museum

We have the pleasure of the company of Gillian Nott this weekend. She is spending today & tomorrow outside the museum doing demonstrations of Corn Dolly making. She is very happy to chat to people about the history of corn dollies as she makes her very beautiful pieces. Here is a pic of Graham in the booth with a couple of Mell Dolls (containing apples) and Gillian herself at her table outside the museum. She is also selling some of her creations for, in my opinion, very modest sums. Gillian will be around tomorrow, Sunday, from around 11am to 4pm so if you're interested come along!

Fabulous Silver etc

A friend of the Museum, Marti Dean,  has just set up a new site for his amazing silver and artwork. The pieces are quite stunning. His Mandrake King features in The Museum of Witchcraft ~ A Magical History. It's definitely worth a look! Click here Marti Dean to check it out.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Guardians Of Magic Anniversary Celebration

Apologies fro radio silence recently but things have been very hectic with new books, conferences, new job etc etc etc....... The Guardians of Cornish Magic 60th anniversary celebration day was a great success and we are hoping to hold something similar around May next year. I am currently in talks with Steve Patterson, the chief organiser, as to what we can plan for the agenda.
It was held on May 14th and around 60 people attended on the day to hear talks around the themes of those who had been influential in the Cornwall landscape when it comes to magic, art, and folk tradition. The first talk was on founder of the museum, Cecil Williamson. Kerriann Godwin and Joyce Froome took the audience through a whistle stop tour of this fascinating man's life - from his meetings with wisewomen in both the countryside and the East End of London as a child, his time in Rhodesia with witchdoctors, his life in the Secret Service during WWII, and the development of his museum from the Isle of Man to Boscastle.
Jason Semmens spoke on that interesting collector of Folk tales William Paynter, and Dr Amy Hale flew over from the US to speak on the art and magic of Ithell Colquhoun.
It was a fascinating day and the feedback from everyone was very positive.

We then kicked off the evening with the launch of The Museum of Witchcraft ~ A Magical History - the 60th anniversary book edited by Kerriann Godwin. Thankfully it was a dry & sunny evening so we could all mingle outside the museum. I don't think everyone would have fit inside. It was great fun as everyone who bought a book was trying to get as many signatures as possible from the authors of each of the stories. Charlie & Sharon, a lovely couple who live in Boscastle, made us a gigantic cake with the Richel witch on the icing. It was extremely yummy!


We would just like to say a big thank you for the donation cheque of £47 received which was proceeds from a raffle held at the last PF Wessex conference. The PF is always extremely supportive of the Museum and we really appreciate it.
We also had a much appreciated  donation of £156.50 from the Witchfest raffle. The prize was a guided tour through the museum by curator Graham King. We are most grateful for the Children of Artemis' continued support and the money will be put to good use within the museum. Thank you!