Monday, June 28, 2010

Trigg Morris Men come to Boscastle

On the 8th JULY 2010 Trigg Morris will be in BOSCASTLE at THE NAPOLEON INN at 8pm then on the BRIDGE at 9pm. The MUSIC & SINGING SESSION will follow at THE COBWEB.

They look forward to seeing both old and new friends and supporters.

New Book Donations

Two authors have recently donated their latest books to the museum library. Emma Wilby’s book ‘The Visions of Isobel Gowdie’ includes a full transcript of the Scottish witch Isobel Gowdie’s famous, but often misunderstood, confession. It also contains a wealth of other material such as examples of fairy lore in trial records. Like Emma’s previous book, ‘Cunning Folk and Familiar Spirits’, it is a fascinating and insightful study, and explores the connections between early modern magic and shamanic traditions.

After reading about Joyce’s book, Mary Sharratt, who lives near Pendle, has sent us her novel ‘Daughters of the Witching Hill’, which tells the story of the Pendle case from the point of view of two of the suspects, Elizabeth Southerns and her granddaughter Alizon Device. It is a moving account, which conveys the toughness and resourcefulness of cunning folk, and contains some wonderfully evocative and convincing descriptions of magic. Mary has also posted an atmospheric documentary filmed at Pendle on YouTube:

Thank you, Emma and Mary!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

T shirts Summer Sale Online

Fans of the Museum of Witchcraft T shirt can now get a reduced rate online for V necks - normally £12.00 down to £10.00 & there is free postage on all T shirts for the summer too.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Busy Painting

Graham took advantage of a fine weekend to do a bit of retouching to the outer door. Here he is, brush in hand, preparing the surface for his upcoming artistic skills.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Wicked Enchantments Launch bash

Here are a few photos of Joyce's book launch last Saturday. We had around 45 people attending - a glass of wine on arrival followed by a 30 minute talk by Joyce & her glamorous assistant Kerriann in the upstairs gallery, then onto The Wellington Hotel for a bevvie & a meal. Quite a number of her books were sold to the adoring public so we can't wait to hear what they think. Thanks to Harbour Lights cafe across the car park for lending us their chairs. Deborah, the membership secretary for Friends, came down to help out in the booth on the day. We'll soonn be selling some of her fabulous amber & jet necklaces in the shop along with her herbal bath products. We aslo have some interesting publishing ideas of our own - we'll keep you posted when things are happening.

Thanks to Beltane Bash Attendees

Just want to say a big thank you to Dee Pearce (who was responsible for coordinating the fundraiser for Friends of the Museum) & all those who attended last weekend's Beltane Bash in London. Fifty pounds was raised thanks to the generosity of the attendees. This will go towards the upkeep of the archives in the museum. Hoorah!!!:))