Monday, August 29, 2005

Herb of the Week - 5

Sea Wormwood Flowers
"Hysteric complaints have been completely cured by the constant use of this tincture. In the scurvey and in the hypochondriacal disorders of studious sedentary men, few things have a greater effect." Culpepper Posted by Picasa


Jussy said...

Hello everyone,
Think I could do with some of these Sea Wormwood Flowers, being prone to frequent fits of hysteria! No wonder, working in a place like I do. Having a bad day, in case you hadn't guessed so thought I would cheer myself up by visiting my fave website and catching up. Looks like Bank Holiday was fun with the Morris Dancing group. Wish I could have been there but unfortunately I live in Bolton (Lancashire). Not that's there anything wrong with Bolton, it's just too far from Cornwall and Boscastle in particular. I must say, you have some hunky coastguards in Boscastle!
Love to you all,

Georgina Bass said...

Oooh nice to see my little green witchy is now famous...what a pin-up she is

harvey3 said...

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