Friday, August 19, 2005

The Day Passes

Well the day has passed. The one year anniversary of the Boscastle Flood is over and we can once more move forward. Media presence was pretty high on the day with Graham featuring on both the local ITV & BBC news programmes and some of the Nationals. Local papers dedicated several pages to a Boscastle special report. I'll try to get more photos of some of the more interesting stories and post them in the next day or two.

On Tuesday night Graham was presented with the Coastguard award for his prompt actions during the flood which saved many lives! The Boscastle, Bude, & Port Isaac teams were all awarded the Wreck Shield for their services during the flood. Congratulations to you all, it is well deserved!! The Awards were presented by John Astbury, the UK's Chief Coastguard and a very pleasant chap.

Business has certainly picked up over the last few days with all this media attention. Boscastle is buzzing with some lovely people with very positive messages. Many find it hard to believe just how much has been done so far with the refurbishment of the village.

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