Monday, August 15, 2005


Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the Boscastle flood! Much media attention is being paid to the village and the museum at the moment. Most newspapers have done a story to mark the anniversary and a couple have picked up the story of Graham being given an old Landrover to replace the one that was washed away last year. I have included a couple of photos from The Times last Friday and The Telegraph last Saturday. There will be much television coverage tomorrow as well.

Graham will also be receiving his commendation medal from the Coastguards tomorrow evening. I'll try to publish a photo here after the event for your enjoyment. Graham in uniform twice in one month - unheard of!!
More soon.

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Vanda said...

Just wanted to send a greeting to all at the museum on the the anniversary of the flood. What you guys have all achieved in this time is a fantastic and it's really great to see the museum and the village back to life and back to how it was(almost)!!!
Love and brightest blessings to you all!