Wednesday, August 03, 2005

EBay announcement

Just a quick announcement for anyone with a keen interest in Alex Sanders:
A few years ago the museum acquired a number of items belonging to the late Sanders and recently we have had some help from Dave Evans in collating the papers and documents. We found that some of the material had one or two extra copies. The museum is, of course, keeping a copy and the decision has been made to sell the duplicates. NB these are not photocopies made by the museum, they all came with the original box of items acquired.

Dave Evans is selling the duplicates on eBay on behalf of the museum over the next few weeks to assist in fundraising. If you are interested, do a search on "Alex Sanders" and you should easily find them. This is a genuine sale of rare documents. We would like to thank Dave for his help and commitment in sorting out the vast array of Sanders' material.

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