Sunday, February 14, 2010

Work Begins so Volunteers Prepare for Action

Lots happening at the museum at the moment in readiness for the 2010 season.Graham has started work on installing the new Phillips lighting system which was donated by Friends Thanks to Phillips for supplying a large number of sample bulbs when Graham was researching the project. They should save money in the long run, be more ecologically friendly, and give a better light to the objects. To those volunteers who registered an interest in helping with the installation project, could you please either phone or email Graham at the museum to organise a time to come in and help out - that would be much appreciated.

As well as the lighting there are many other areas where volunteers can help, from cleaning displays to touching up paintwork so please get in touch & we'll slot you in. We are very grateful to all those who help out each year.

Another project happening at the moment is the replacement of some of the glass panels in the front window with panel board so that we can affix browsers for the Richel Eldermans prints. The prints are selling really well online and with the launch of 'The Occult Reliquary' shortly we expect demand to rise. Retail space is limited in the entrance area so we're trying to be creative and utilise the available area to its full capacity. Here is Graham working on the window.
And, exciting news, it looks like Simon Costin, internationally renowned designer and curator of the new Museum of British Folklore, has agreed to design our 2010 front window display. More on that later.

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