Saturday, April 09, 2016

A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment

Last year, the Museum of Witchcraft & Magic signed a petition to support Earth Day 2016 (April 22).  This petition will hopefully generate 10,000 signatures that will be used to lobby political power to take green policies more seriously.  An excerpt from the statement reads:

"Humanity’s actions are radically altering the web of life of which we are a component, threatening the lives of many species, Homo sapiens included. This harm takes many forms. Habitat loss continues as consumption increases. Deforestation alone destroys some 150 thousand square kilometers each year, the size of Japan — equivalent to 24 football fields every minute.

Global warming caused by our emission of greenhouse gases has already contributed to sea level rise, ocean acidification, and increased floods and droughts, with more severe effects expected within this century. Additional damage can be seen from ozone depletion. Our actions also have resulted in an ongoing and unsustainable depletion of resources, including minerals, food sources and usable water, generating increasing amounts of pollution. Other harm in addition to these is likely to be found in the future as we continue to learn about the impact of human activities on our world. [...]

There are certain actions we can take now. It is important for each individual, community, and nation to take stock of what that means for the betterment of the whole. Technical solutions can never move forward without political will, and the necessary political will requires a shift in our most deeply held values, in our very definitions of what it means to be human, and in how humanity relates to the world. We recognize this shift as a spiritual imperative."

If you agree with this statement, and would like to sign the petition, please visit

and read what they have to say in full.  You can also visit the Earthday website here:

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