Thursday, April 14, 2016

New planter outside the Museum with Halloween theme

Ever since we started looking into the theme of Halloween for the 2016 exhibition, Peter has been determined to grow some cabbages so we can pull them on Halloween.  This idea tickled the rest of the Museum team and so we've made it happen (with a little help from Hedley and Steve, Boscastle builders).  We look forward to seeing the plants grow and using them on October 31st and we also hope that this display will intrigue visitors and give them a little flavour of what to expect inside.

Eventually, we planted three different plants with associations with Halloween.  We created signs using postcards from the 1900s as well.  Top: cabbages.  Middle: pumpkins.  Bottom: hazel tree.

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curtis03 Lewis said...

Halloween themed planters! That’s a great idea. Thanks for this post. I am going to host a grand party this year on Halloween’s. Have already booked a local party venue NYC in advance. I am sure it’ll be an unforgettable party.