Friday, April 15, 2016

A busy morning at the Museum

We've had all sorts of fun and games at the Museum this morning.

A photographer who takes photos for all the local papers visited and took some great photos of the refurbished gallery and the Halloween exhibition.  He had the great idea to take a photo of Judith and Peter outside but wanted us to be in shade (it is a beautiful, sunny day here).  To get the required shade, we ended up borrowing a large parasol from the National Trust Cafe (thanks John) and Hannah had to hold it above her head.  The photo came out well and should be going in all the local papers which will be great publicity for the Museum.  Here is the photographer, at work in the top gallery.

We also had a group of 25 Swedish visitors who had a tour of the Museum with Peter.  Busy so far but that's the way we like it!

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