Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Little doors get new questions

A couple of years ago, the Friends of the Museum organised a fantastic project to create little doors around the Museum with questions on the inside and answers on the outside.  It was called Project Open Sesame and was generously supported by many people.  The lovely doors (carved by Steve Patterson) have proven very popular with visitors especially (but not exclusively) children.

Over winter, we decided it was time to change the questions on the doors to keep them new and interesting for repeat visitors (and to be in tune with the new displays).  They are now back in position and have been enjoyed by many of the young people we've had visiting us during the Easter holidays.

Information for people who sponsored doors: if you requested a specific spot/area of the Museum for your door it will have stayed in that area.

The doors feature around the Museum, here are a selected few.

Below: in the Images of Witchcraft Gallery, the question is: What do witches look like?  Inside is a mirror and the answer: they can look like anyone!

Below: in the Persecution display the mini door is hidden underneath some books relating to the witch trials.  The question relates to a King who wrote an infamous book.

Below: en route to Joan's cottage, the door asks the question: What is a wise woman?  The answer has to be a simplification as this is a massive answer but we hope it gets young people to engage with the idea of cunning folk.

Below: a little door underneath the Magic in Wartime display asks "How was magic used in wartime?" and encourages people to look at the display above.

 Below: a mini door in the Divination display asks "What is divination?"
Below: In the Sea Witchcraft display, the mini door can just be seen on the right of the photo.  The question relates to coins with floats.

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