Thursday, April 28, 2016

Friendly creature outside the Museum

We were sent this photo by a recent visitor.  They saw this creature while they were outside the Museum.  It seems to be some sort of vole (the Wildlife Trust suggests it is a wood mouse).  It crawled on his shoe and was happy to be stroked.  Just another example of the magical place that is Boscastle - there are so many witch's familiars about!


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

voles are odd like that, most of the time elusive in the long grass, and then suddenly one appears and poses for photographs, happy even with a camera shoved up its nose.

Sandy Robertson said...

Indeed! I took the picture and my friend was clicking away and it was unfazed. As I squatted on the ground it walked between my legs. I stood up and it had apparently vanished into thin air! Definitely a magickal being as it was going in the direction of my companion onto a path with no hiding places in that direction, yet it was gone in an instant. That's what I want to believe anyway - that life is full of magick.