Monday, April 04, 2016

Joyce publishes fascinating article...

Joyce has recently published an essay in an exciting collection on the 'problem child' in history, fact and fiction.  In Little Horrors: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Anomalous Children and the Construction of Monstrosity (edited by Simon Bacon and Leo Ruickbie) Joyce considers the possession of John Starkie, a teenager who in 1595 was thought to have been possessed by the Devil.  At a time when children were central to accusations of witchcraft, the essay provides thoughtful insights into the complex psychological world of early modern households, parental relationships, and charts how one Protestant 'Establishment' family consulted magical practitioners - including a local cunning man and even Dr. John Dee.  Congratulations to Joyce for getting this great article published.  The chapter also includes photographs from the Museum collection.

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