Monday, May 09, 2016

More details of Halloween Conference speakers, October 15 2016...

Tickets for the Museum's Halloween Day of Talks are going fast!  We have a great programme of speakers including Ronald Hutton, Mogg Morgan, Dorothy L. Abrams, Bekki Shining Bearheart, Tommy Kuusela, Louise Fenton and Judith Noble.

Here is a tantalizing glimpse of the talk Dorothy Abrams will deliver entitled "Our Ancestor Ritual at Samhain":

"Our ceremonies at the Web PATH Center, whether they be for Samhain or any other sabbat, include a candle lighting and a call to the Ancestors that they may join our circle as witnesses and participants. The Samhain rituals are shaped around a scrying session wherein each person uses a dark bowl or mirror, a crystal ball or a candle flame to gaze and seek the faces of the ancestors. Immediate relatives or ancient ancestors may choose to speak with us individually. They carry love, warnings, advice and commentary on our activities. Because ours is an open circle functioning publically as a pagan church new people drop in at Samhain. The Spirits challenge a newbie who dares begin at a sabbat courting contact with the Dead. The reality of the spirit contact leaves the inexperienced shaken to their shoes. For that reason we ground before and after the scrying experience. We also silently partner initiated witches with visitors. The man in black monitors the circle’s over all energy to keep us connected to the physical earth in a healthy but enabling fashion. How do we do this? What happens when we do? Let me tell you some stories..."

A Day of Talks on Halloween Past & Present
To celebrate the 2016 exhibition Glitter & Gravedust

October 15 2016
at The Wellington Hotel, Boscastle, Cornwall

10am - 4.30pm

+ Evening entertainment from 8pm

Tickets £25
Price includes admission to conference, admission to evening social event and entertainment (drinks not included!), as well as entry to the Museum on Saturday or Sunday.

Places are limited and pre-payment is essential to book your place.

Ways to pay:

By paypal.  Our paypal account is:
Please put ‘Halloween’ as a reference.

By card: phone the Museum on 01840 250 111 and complete the transaction using a credit or debit card.

By cash: pop into the Museum and pay at the counter

By cheque: send a cheque made payable to Museum of Witchcraft to our address: the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic, the Harbour, Boscastle, PL35 0HD.

Any issues, email the Museum:

We recommend that attendees book their rooms directly with the Wellington.

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