Sunday, May 01, 2016

May Day!

May Day is open us and to mark it we thought a blog about the objects relating to Beltane in the Museum's collection would be fitting.

First of all, this wonderful painting of a witch at Beltane by artist Vivienne Shanley.  This painting is on display in the Images of Witchcraft gallery.

Some items from the collection donated by Iain Steele, a witch from the Welsh borders who died in 2011.This was Iain's Beltane staff:

This figure was his Beltane altar Goddess from his Celtic altar.

And here is Iain's Beltane altar from his home.

To find out more about May Eve, May Day or Beltane, have a look at these articles.

Above: Horned God and Goddess statues currently on display in our Beltane window.

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