Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Book Review by Hannah

When our Fuel and oil supplies run out - Redworld / Greenworld where would you choose to live?

Set in the not too distant future, the Greenworld (westcountry) has separated itself from the rest of the UK, creating an energy efficient environment that needs no fuel or electricity, small communities are run by witches, power portals need guarding against those in the Redworld who wish to steal the energy for their own greedy needs.

The story follows the first generation born into these separate worlds, how they deal with life as they approach adulthood. The Greenworld may seem idyllic, but with little in the way of comfort and luxuries the temptations available in the Redworld are strong.

Magic, conflict and adventure abound, Anna McKerrow offers us a  somewhat surprisingly practical look at a possible future.

Although targeted for young adults, this fortysomething has been entranced! Can't wait for the final part due for release next year...

Crow Moon and Red Witch are the first 2 parts of a trilogy by Anna McKerrow

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