Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Visitor tells us about witch hunt in the Netherlands

Joyce from the Museum writes:
A visitor from the Netherlands has given us some interesting news about her home town Roermond.

400 years ago Roermond was the scene of a witch hunt that led to 74 people being burned. To commemorate this anniversary the townspeople have created a website 
They have also been holding a series of events, organising education programmes, and have produced a powerful musical drama Heksenwaan.

Entertainment and spectacle have played their part, but the townspeople have also put a special emphasis on the importance of remembering that prejudice and injustice are still all too common, and that in honouring the memories of those who died during the witch hunts we must also recognise that their stories still have relevance today.

The Museum of Witchcraft would like to salute the people of Roermond for such an insightful and moving response to this tragic episode in their town’s past.

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