Thursday, July 17, 2014

School visits Museum

We were visited on Tuesday by a school group from Roseland Community College.  The students were enjoying their activities week and looking at Cornish Myths and Legends.  In the morning they visited Tintagel Castle and then in the afternoon they toured the Museum and did some (supervised) object handling.  They looked at some mystery objects and tried to figure out how they would have been used by cunning people in the past.  Although only a short visit the students seem to have learnt a lot about magical practices.  If you would like to organise a school visit to the Museum, please contact Judith to talk about a tailor made educational package.


Mark said...

Great to see the school program in action! Wish we'd had the opportunity to visit places like Boscastle as a kid.

Cornmother said...

Happy to see Mother Earth corn dolly on the table! Look forward to seeing you all the weekend before Lammas.

Cornmother said...

Ooops - wrong CD - for Mother Earth read 'Man in Armour'...definitely addled at the moment :-)