Saturday, July 19, 2014

New window display in place

"From remotest times, back even to the birth of humanity, Talismans have been held in high estimation by all nations...on account of their virtues, as transmitters of luck and to avert misfortune." W Pavitt, The Book of Talismans (1970).

We have a new theme to our wonderful Stag's Head window display:  Amulets and Talismans from around the world.  These beautiful hand-painted objects hang from the antlers, evoking the beauty of the originals - some of which can be seen inside the museum - this Cornetto (red charm) for example, can be seen in 'Protection' upstairs.

We have also provided a little information on some of the charms and talismans to inform and intrigue our visitors.  

Triangular Abracadabra
Did you know that abracadabra roughly translates as begone?   People in the Middle Ages wore talismans like this to try and get rid of illness.

An Italian charm to ward off the evil eye.  It looks like a chilli and the name means little horn.

The Ankh
A mysterious Egyptian symbol with a circle at the top of a cross, also known as the ‘key of life’.

The Chinese god of long life. He has an elongated head to indicate his vast wisdom.

Come and see the new display!

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