Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Serious weirdness combined with a touch of self-parody: NEW MUSEUM T-SHIRTS!

New t-shirts have arrived and they look great!

They are £10 each with sizes from S to XXL.  We recommend that you order yours now as they are a limited run and are already selling faster than a dalmation/collie cross on acid!

Joyce waxes lyrical about the new design:

Serious weirdness is combined with a touch of self-parody in this t-shirt based on a leaflet produced by the Museum in the 1960s.

The black t-shirt features a black and white design of a skeleton wearing a cloak and a witch's hat (with a ghostly cat perched on the brim), and holding a broomstick in one hand and a goat-headed staff in the other. Behind the skeleton is a globe, and the caption reads, "The World of Witchcraft & The Magic Makers".

A very unusual, exclusive design, with fine detail giving an eerie, spectral effect. The t-shirt also has the Museum's twig wand logo in white on the back.

Based on a lino-print from the 1960s...

... these t-shirts were weird before being weird was cool!