Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Owls swoop into the Harbour

At the Pagan Federation Cornwall, Devon and the Isles of Scilly Conference in March we all admired the metal owls made by Rory te Tigo, sculptor, artist and instrument maker (and all round lovely person!) from St. Just in Cornwall.  The owls were a hit with us all, Joyce even bought two of them at the PF do! To find out more about Rory and his work see:

Judith and Peter spent a while chatting with Rory while we were there the result of which is the creation of two fabulous large owls to hover in Hannah's office window.  As Rory said as part of our discussions, "Owls are magical animals but also have popular associations with magic thanks to Harry Potter".  

Smaller versions of the owls are available to buy from the shop and online shop.

The next step in this master plan?  To have a spotlight put above them so that they can seen at night...

Here they are (they are hard to photograph in the space but we did our best!)