Monday, June 06, 2016

Halloween Day of Talks more detail on the speakers

Mogg Morgan (Astro Egypt) author of "The Ritual Year in Ancient Egypt" published by Mandrake of Oxford, UK.
          Halloween and ancient astro-archaeology
Based mainly on Egyptian sources. Was Halloween celebrated in the most ancient of all religions, that of the stars?

"The first day of this month then is special and set aside to a god that may be obscure but no less interesting for that. This is the time of Nehebkau. Like many Egyptian gods, it can sometimes be difficult to decide whether he be god or demon. It’a as well to remind ourselves that all Egyptian gods, like the elements, can have their unpleasant side. Nehebkau is a serpent divinity with an alarming resemblance to that most chaotic of entities, Apophis. "

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