Thursday, August 27, 2015

New audio book on Traditional Witchcraft available

An exciting project just came to light involving Gemma Gary's book Traditional Witchcraft (one of the Museum's best selling books) - Mark Norman (Friend of the Museum) posted on Facebook today:

"I am delighted to be able to say that Gemma Gary's well known and respected book Traditional Witchcraft: A Cornish Book of Ways is now available as a CD audiobook, so you can listen in bed, on the move, or wherever you like! For those that don't know it, here are the details of the book: Traditional Witchcraft - A Cornish Book of Ways is a 21st century version of traditional Cornish witchcraft, of the kind recorded by Hunt, Bottrell and others. This is no neo-pagan or modern wiccan manual, but rather a deep drawing up into modern times of some of the ancient practices of lore and magic practiced by the white witches, charmers, conjurers and pellars of the Cornish villages. Their presence was still current when the 18th and 19th century antiquarians and collectors recorded them, and, although the 20th century largely put paid to their activities, nevertheless their lore never completely disappeared, and it continues to provide inspiration for practitioners today. Gemma draws on this knowledge, not only from published material, but also from the experiences and workings of ‘wise women’ and country witches living today. "... this book is very highly recommended. It is essential reading for anyone interested in modern traditional witchcraft as it is practiced in south-west England today or indeed elsewhere in Britain" - Michael Howard, The Cauldron The audiobook is unabridged and runs for 4 1/2 hours across 4 CDs. The cost is just £14.99 + p&p (£3 in the UK) It has been an absolute pleasure to be able to bring this book onto CD."

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