Wednesday, May 14, 2014

New additions to the Museum collection

Patricia Crowther has generously donated a collection of objects that belonged to Gerald Gardner.  The Director of the Museum, Simon Costin, visited Patricia in Sheffield recently to collect the pieces.

Gardner had a lifelong interest in weapons, and the objects include a 19th century hunting sword with a stag’s antler hilt, a Zulu dagger with a beautiful leaf-shaped blade, and an elegant Jambiya – the kind of dagger worn by T.E. Lawrence in the famous photograph of him dressed in Arab robes.

There are also two bronze oil lamps that were excavated by Gerald Gardner in the ruins of an ancient Malay settlement he discovered at Johore Lama, in southern Malaysia.

These objects will be a wonderful addition to our Gardner display, and give further insight into the personality of this enormously influential figure in the Modern Witchcraft movement.

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