Saturday, May 17, 2014

Museums at Night: A magical evening

Our Museum by Candlelight evening (part of a nationwide programme of Museums at Night events) was a great success. Three parts of the Museum (the Stone Circle, Joan’s Cottage and the Baphomet section of the upstairs gallery) were lit with candles, and the effect was remarkable – mysterious and yet also warm and welcoming.

We also created a small temporary display where the Spirit Bottles were lit from behind with candles, and in the flickering light shining through the glass they seemed alive with ethereal movement.

Our visitors were delighted to have the chance to be in the Museum at night, feeling that already gave the experience a special quality, and from their comments it’s clear that the candlelight helped to recreate the atmosphere of the days when magic was a part of everyday life.

If you missed this event, we are doing it again on Friday May 30th from 8pm until midnight.

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