Monday, April 14, 2014

Museum of Witchcraft welcomes Syd Moore

Author Syd Moore visited the Museum this week to research her latest novel, which is about the famous Essex witch Ursley Kempe.

She generously donated copies of her two previous books, Witch Hunt and The Drowning Pool, to the Museum library. One is about the Matthew Hopkins witch hunts, and the other about a 19th century Essex fortune teller who was persecuted by her community.

It is always fascinating to exchange ideas with writers, and always a delight to meet one who is passionate about research and doing justice to the subject of witchcraft. Syd was very enthusiastic about the Museum’s collection, and particularly interested in Cecil Williamson’s vivid account of how he dug up Ursley Kempe’s skeleton at St Osyth.

We wish her well with her book, and are sure it will be an excellent read.

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