Thursday, April 17, 2014

Great visitor feedback

You may have noticed that the Museum has a little wooden box in the shop (near the entrance/exit) into which visitors can place their comments and thoughts about the Museum.  We thought a good way to get to know the Museum would be to read through these comments and we were overwhelmed at the positive responses and the love which people have for this special place. 

Some of the best comments are displayed outside the Museum on the board and this was changed on Monday.  It sounded like an easy task at first but it proved more problematic than anticipated due to the warping of wood etc.  We (mostly Peter) persevered and the new comments are now on display for all to see...

We’re going to start tweeting some of the comments that we receive to share all the wonderful words that people have to say about the Museum with all our friends and supporters out there in cyberspace!  Keep your eyes open on Social Media.

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