Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Children of Cain by Mike Howard

Hannah has enjoyed reading Mike Howard's latest publication 'Children of Cain' she comments;

I must say it the most informative, thoroughly researched, all encompassing book I have read in ages. It has conjoined the threads of various individuals mentioned in books and articles over the years, showing the similarities and differences between 'Traditional' groups, including The Clan of Tubal Cain, The Regency, The Pickingill and Sabbatic Crafts.

I think this publication will be enlightening to many, especially as the word 'Traditional' appears to have become fashionable recently, and the glossary at the end is second to none. It is beautifully produced by and available from http://www.threehandspress.com .

Sunday, February 05, 2012

New book by John of Monmouth

As promised here is the information about John of Monmouth's new book. It is called Genuine Witchcraft is Explained - the secret history of the Royal Windsor Coven and the Regency and it will be out Feb 10th published by Cappall Bann for £17.95. I believe you can preorder it through Cappall Bann.

2012 Update So Far

Happy New Year to all out there. Just wanted to update you on what's happening so far this year. The museum will be opening on Saturday March 31st this year so we're currently working on some ideas for our new window display.
Due to popular demand the anniversary book will be reprinted in paperback. I'm just waiting on the last few permissions to come in then it will go to the printers to be ready for the opening at the end of March.
Steve Patterson is working on an event for the museum in May as last years 'Guardians of Cornish Magic' was such a success. This may involve an author's evening.
Mike Howard's new book Children of Cain has recently been published by Three Hands Press. Gemma Gary has released a new version of 'Traditional Witchcraft' and Cassandra Latham Jones has her latest book Village Wisewoman is also out.
I have also just heard from John of Monmouth that his book will be released Feb 10th. It can be ordered through Cappall Bann. More on this when I get the details.
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