Sunday, February 05, 2012

New book by John of Monmouth

As promised here is the information about John of Monmouth's new book. It is called Genuine Witchcraft is Explained - the secret history of the Royal Windsor Coven and the Regency and it will be out Feb 10th published by Cappall Bann for £17.95. I believe you can preorder it through Cappall Bann.


Gemma Gary said...

Finally received my copy a few days ago! On brief inspection I am certainly going to find this book very informative indeed. I have been looking forward to this book immensely ever since I was told it was ‘in the pipeline’. In fact, I have been waiting many years for a book on the Regency!

Ethan Doyle White said...

I just finished reading my copy that I got straight from the publishers at Capall Bann. This is one that should definitely be of interest to anyone involved in the Traditional Craft current of Western Esotericism!

At its basis lies a series of previously hidden documents pertaining to the early foundation of Robert Cochrane's Clan of Tubal Cain; their ramifications will surprise many. One of the most important esoteric books of the last few years, undoubtedly.