Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Children of Cain by Mike Howard

Hannah has enjoyed reading Mike Howard's latest publication 'Children of Cain' she comments;

I must say it the most informative, thoroughly researched, all encompassing book I have read in ages. It has conjoined the threads of various individuals mentioned in books and articles over the years, showing the similarities and differences between 'Traditional' groups, including The Clan of Tubal Cain, The Regency, The Pickingill and Sabbatic Crafts.

I think this publication will be enlightening to many, especially as the word 'Traditional' appears to have become fashionable recently, and the glossary at the end is second to none. It is beautifully produced by and available from http://www.threehandspress.com .


Gemma Gary said...
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Raven said...

I very much enjoyed this book as well. Definitely another must-have for the bookshelf of any serious magical practitioner.

Gemma Gary said...

I am currently enjoying this beautiful and insightful book. Also, have been very much looking forward to John of Monmouth’s book!

Rev. Julieanne Paige, O.M.C. said...


I thought I would share my latest blogpost with you as it is about our recent visit to the Museum. Unfortunately you were closed but something quite magical did happen :) I hope you enjoy it :)