Saturday, September 13, 2008

National Trust Activities

Negotiations have been ongoing with the National Trust re the re roofing of the building next door to the museum. As you may be aware the Trust bought the building around 2 years ago to turn into a tea room. They have only now decided to go ahead with the refurbishment of the property after leaving it vacant for this time. Conveniently, they decided to scaffold the entire building next week, along with the front of the museum - while we are still open. Graham has managed to negotiate a 2 week delay to this ill timed activity & they'll be starting work around the end of September instead. It is unclear why they are unable to wait until the end of October when we, & most other businesses here, are closed (especially as they have had 2 years, & 2 winters, to get their act together). Starlings are currently roosting in the ceiling so perhaps this will delay it further.

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Anonymous said...

Typical of the Trust. I've worked for them for 2 years and they have the most appalling record when it comes to dealing with tenants and businesses on their land. The old arrogance persists I'm afraid. Scare them with the wildlife conservation angle if you can, and don't give up!!! they are way too dismissive of those who live and work on Trust land. Don't forget, they need the public's support so hit them where it hurts. Best of luck, love your museum :)