Thursday, September 04, 2008

Baby Seal in the Harbour

Yesterday the seas were very rough around the coastline here which is possibly why a seal chose to have her baby within the confines of Boscastle Harbour. This lovely chap spent most of the day on the slipway soaking up what there was of the sun. There was some worry that the baby had been abandoned so experts were called just to keep an eye on the situation, but around 7:30 last night when the tide had come in sufficiently, the parents appeared and the family was reunited. The little one made a beeline for mum presumably after hearing her call. A most amazing sight. Graham managed to get some lovely shots of the new seal.


Bryan & Isabelle said...


Nice picture of the seal. I'm not sure who runs this, but if you could say hi to Graham for me I would appreciate it. He popped into my head today and I was wondering how he was doing. I met him a few years back on his 50th birthday doing the camino de santiago, from the Antique Roadshow pictures you put up, it looks like he hasn't changed a bit.


Graham said...

Hi Brian,
Nice to hear from you- give me a email on so that we can catch up.