Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Well many have asked for it & now it's a reality! Graham has set up a very basic webcam trained on the front of the museum. No, it is not to spy on who comes through the door (although that could be interesting hmmmmm). The main reason is to keep a log of the works that will be going on in front of the museum over the coming months. Further flood defense works will be carried out on the river & the bridge will be moved. A sewage pumping station will also be placed underground outside the museum so there will be a lot of action to keep up with.
As I said, the webcam at this stage is fairly basic just while Graham gets used to the running of it. He will upgrade when he feels he can cope with the advanced technology. Thanks to Max, our local village computer whizzkid, for helping with the webcam setup. The webcam can be reached by clicking here & I will also put it on the blog links section if I can remember how to do that. Let us know what you think. It'll be fairly drab before the action starts but should get a bit more interesting as time passes.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant, and great for security too!

Beakywitch said...

I love the webcam. It makes me feel like I can come to Boscastle any time!!

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful! We've not long come back from a two-week holiday to Boscastle (during which time we did of course visit your fabulous museum again). Now when ever I feel blue at being back home I can put the webcam on and dream I'm back in my spiritual home!

Well done on all your hard work after the flood - the museum is better than ever!

Vampy Sue said...

I too feel I can come back to Boscastle anytime I wish now I can go onto your webcam. It is great to have a link with Cornwall at my fingertips. Many thanks.