Saturday, September 09, 2006

Award for Graham

Graham was most surprised and extremely pleased this week when Rhiannon & Martin Williams from the Pagan Association arrived at the museum with an award for Graham. This was the first ever award given by the Association for Outstanding Contribution to the Pagan Community.

Rhiannon said 'Graham has done such a brilliant job portraying a non-sensationalist view of witchcraft and paganism to the general public that we thought he deserved this award. The museum provides a much-needed centre for serious research about the subject and gives a positive view of paganism.' Martin also said that Graham should get the award because 'he's such a nice chap.'

The lovely carved red granite award is now sitting proudly in the shrine and the wine will be saved for a special occasion (like dinner). Thanks very much from Graham to the Pagan Association for this honour. Information about the Pagan Association can be found at .

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sparrow said...

Congratulations - and well deserved. You must have made a very good impression on the media, as they usually seem to relish in ridiculing anything pagan. I think everyone at the museum deserves an award for preserving our heritage so well and in such a lovely way.