Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Odinist Fellowship

Congratulations go to the Odinist Fellowship. We were recently notified of the "ground-breaking judicial decision, giving legal recognition to the Odinist religion in English law...For the first time ever, a judicial declaration has stipulated that a pagan religion, namely Odinism, is to be accorded recognition, as a religion, for legal purposes. The legal precedent...will help to protect the rights, not only of Odinists, but of all pagans, in the workplace. The Odinist Fellowship is proud of having achieved this breakthrough for the wider pagan community." (adapted from information received from Robin Jackson, Information Officer for the Odinist Fellowship)

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Nightwind said...

Hi folks,

Heartiest congratulations to the Odinist Fellowship; it is indeed good to know that the authorities are finally getting around to recognising pagan religions. One thing to note, however, about discrimination at work: the 1st December 2003 changes to employment regulations made it illegal to discriminate against any employee on the grounds of religion or belief, meaning that one cannot be dismissed for having any pagan belief. Indeed the Royal Navy recognised a Satanist(!) last year; there's a story about it hanging around on the web somewhere.

Brightest blessings for Litha,